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A Brighton institution now in it's 16th year, adventure into the 80s with It Is Still 1985, the weekly Saturday party that captures the sounds of Patrick Bateman's Sony Walkman and the feeling of walking into a John Hughes movie. 

Join us for a footloose journey into the legitimately great and awful(ly fun) music of the 80s, covering everything from Fleetwood Mac, Wham and Madonna to The Clash, Kate Bush and David Bowie.

With a wild crowd of young partygoers who mostly don't remember the 80s firsthand, prepare to delve into a world of innapropriate dance moves & a whole heap of fun at what is widely regarded as Brighton's most popular & most fun night we previously made our home at Brighton's New Hero (R.I.P.) for 2 years, then The Haunt (R.I.P.) for 8 years, and now since 2019, EVERY Saturday at The Green Door Store (as well occasional special events elsewhere). 


Music Policy

It Is Still 1985 seeks to earnestly capture the essence of the slick, superficial, overblown decade that American Psycho's Patrick Bateman so thoroughly represented. Rather than just being amused by the vapid radio rock of the 80s, we want to embrace the shallow music of those times with the full emotion of someone who has truly invested in the epic air grab that became so synonymous with the power ballad music videos of the era. The night also aims to celebrate the great alternative pop music of the 1980s like The Cure, New Order & Kate Bush but (unusually for a night largely filled with hipster twenty somethings) we thoroughly invest in the sounds that live on Patrick Bateman's Sony Walkman such as Huey Lewis & The News, Whitney Houston & Phil Collins, and we are (with only the slightest hint of irony) prepared to dig deeper into the well of superficial emotion and with a straight face, (or possibly very emotional face) play records by the likes of Toto, Foreigner, Bonnie Tyler, Kenny Loggins, & even (once you are suitably drunk) prepared to force you to slow dance to Chris De Burgh's "Lady In Red". There is no question 1985 is prepared to go beyond the boundaries of good taste and we are very thankful to our audience of discerning party goers who are fully prepared to put their cool credentials aside each and every time they attend to make the event epic on a weekly basis.


Created as an occasional party back in 2004, "it is still 1985" saw its first weekly outings in Brighton's exciting underground venue New Hero (R.I.P.) in 2008, becoming a Brighton cult sensation, we packed the club out for 2 years straight every single Saturday with an array of exceptionally enthusiastic cool young people that took time off from being trendy to relish an opportunity to unleash a series of inappropriate dance moves to an uninhibited soundtrack of 80s joy. After the leaving New Hero we put on some sold out events at Concorde 2 before moving to a new home as the flagship night of The Haunt, where we ran the night for a further 8 years. We famously ran every single Saturday The Haunt during the venues existence, with an uninterupted run stretching from it's opening weekend in Feb. 2011, right through to the venue's closure in August 2019.


What came next was totally unexpected, from Sept 2019 we moved to weekly Saturdays at Brighton's beloved underground venue The Green Door Store only to be greeted by an awe inspiring wave of enthusiasm. The excitement and fervor that accompanied our move to The Green Door Store totally blew us away as we hosted some of the most amazing parties in our entire history, making it clear 1985 and Green Door Store are a perfect fit. Despite the temporary closure due to lockdown it's become clear even a global pandemic cannot stop 1985 as we held socially distanced events at Concorde 2 in 2020 and have now returned with a bang to weekly Saturdays on the Green Door Store dance floor.

 Every week for more than 15 years we have been creating a phenomenon of 80s power unrivalled by any other night in the city. Brighton residents know that a visit to 'It is still 1985" on a Saturday is a reliably brilliant slice of 80s heaven, with a discerning crowd that temporarily put their good taste on hold for an evening of power grabs, knee slides and the kind of dance moves not seen since the club scene in the movie Scarface, or at least the background of a mid 80s Top Of Pops episode. We can't wait to see you there!

Our History
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